Custom Designs

If you would like a custom design we do not have available on our site you can send us your design and we will create it using our state of the art software and send you an example of the finished product. If you would like to then order the product we will produce it for you. Custom Designs include t shirt design, Hoodies and bags

Depending how complicated the design is, the process itself will be included in the final price and is usually free.  If the design is particularly complex there may be an additional charge. 

Depending on the amount of rhinestones used there may not even be a difference in our standard prices.

If we produce a custom design we would like to add to our store we reserve the right to use this design, unless this is a company/name for your brand. This allows other people to buy that design too, so you may even see someone wearing your design. This can be discussed at time of ordering.

If you would like a custom design please get in touch at

Creating custom t shirts, Hoodies and bags for all.